Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hudson Continuous Integration

We recently switched to Hudson on a large project I am working on. Hudson is a continuous integration server with excellent maven, ant, and shell script support. It also has a wide variety of support for source control providers (i.e. svn, cvs, etc), Hudson has a nice plugin extension framework which is evident by the volume of plugins available for it. Previously, we were using continuum, which we had been using for about a year, but it eventually left a bad taste in our mouths. Hudson seems a lot cleaner, simpler, and more extensible. We now have a pretty sweet setup of SCM tools. We are using subversion for source control. Sventon as a web-based subversion browser. Maven for software builds. JIRA for issue tracking, and Hudson for continuous integration. In addition we have integrated: JIRA with subversion, so that JIRA periodically parses svn commit comments for issue numbers. JIRA will then display a link through sventon to the files associated with an issue. Hudson and sventon, so the changeset list in Hudson links to the source through sventon. Hudson with JIRA, so the changeset comments link to relevant issues in JIRA.

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