Monday, November 26, 2007

More Effective Java News

Amazon now has the release date of June 2008 for Effective Java 2nd edition. I'm still betting this will be released at JavaOne 2008 (if ever). Anyhow, I've canceled my order. I'll reorder at a more appropriate date. I sent a query to the publisher, but I received no response. I think perhaps they could use a customer service lesson. Here's a hint, always respond to the customer even if you don't have any news for them. Enough venting.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fork-Join Framework for Java 7

Brian Goetz does a good job explaining an upcoming Fork-Join framework for Java 7 here. Doug Lea also describes it here.Initially I thought the idea was kind of lame because Java has had very good threading support from the beginning, so this is nothing you couldn't do yourself. It does however continue extending upon higher level abstractions appearing in the java.util.concurrent package. In particular, I like the discussion of "work-stealing" which makes this framework actually make sense over the naive approach of a new thread per recursive task. Work stealing seems like such a smart idea especially when coupled with a work deque instead of a work queue That way work stealing can happen from the tail instead of the head, so thread contention with the normal(non-stolen) work is reduced.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Effective Java 2nd Edition ???

Update2: Amazon is now showing the release date as May 28, 2008. Pearson (the publisher) is showing the release as March 25, 2008. Update: Amazon has changed the release data on this book to November 30, 2007. I suppose I'll keep watching. Well, I've been waiting for this book for a long time now, and Amazon says the release data is November 9th 2007, yet It's is already November 12th and the book is still available for "pre-order". Hmmmm, is this yet another delay on this book? The shipping estimate on my copy is still tomorrow. I have my doubts. There is a mysterious lack of buzz about this book. It has been discussed with much anticipation at the past 2 JavaOne conferences. I now have little hope that it will be released this year. If I had to guess, JavaOne 2008 will be the release. I'm so disappointed. Oh Well.