Monday, May 22, 2006

Java 5.0 Performance Tuning

Here are some links I have been reading regarding java performance tuning. An application I am currently working on is about to hit stress testing, so I'd like to be prepared to help the QA and Operations groups pinpoint and mitigate some problems if they should occur. Some things have changed as of Java 5.0, so here are some links.

Java Specialists' Newsletter

I was discussing some java related things with a co-worker and realized that maybe not everyone is familiar with the "Java Specialists' Newsletter". Anyhow this is a newsletter created by Dr. Heinz Kabutz in South Africa. These newsletters are excellent reads on somewhat advanced java topics. Everyone in the java field should subscribe.

Effective Java -- Reloaded

Probably my favorite java book of all time is Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. As many people know this is a priceless book. I was excited to hear a second edition of this book is in the works. The second edition will be taking a bit longer to produce than I had originally hoped, but you can see a few peeks at some of the new stuff that will be contained in the book, from Mr. Bloch's JavaOne 2006 Presentation Slides.